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¤ Welcome ¤

¤ Yay to those people who visited this clique! ¤


Hello! Hello! Welcome to Fetish. Just as the clique's's a way to express your own fetish. Come on now, don't be shy! Join! ^_^ Don't quite know what "fetish" means? Why don't you visit the about page!


Ahahaha.. I finally updated the memberlist! And starting from today.. I will be replying to those who got in. So.. I'll keep track of everything! Whooo..I've really let this site goo.. ^^;;;

Oi! I got a new member! Darn! 'Tis time for me to make a new layout for this site, eh? ^^;; I guess I will sooon ^^;;;

Okay...2 more new members...added! I'm working on adding more buttons for it....and stufff! ^^;;;

Yay! We got 2 new MEMBERS!....I just realized something. I don't send out e-mails to people who got in... oh well. You know you people who send me a form got in! Cuz I'm just that nice! *browses through new member's sites* XD

Woo-hoo! 2 new members added! One member deleted... why? 'Cuz I didn't think his e-mail adress was 1) Valid and 2) yea, sorry there, "Precious". Anyway, it's so funny what fetish you people have... but it's cool! ^^

Okay-- I added three new members. That's all the update for now... o_o;;

I made a new layout! This layout features Dotta from Bakuretsu Hunters! Ain't that a perfect pic for this clique? LoL. Anyway, *adds 2 new members*. Oh yea, STARTING FROM TODAY, I WILL BE MUCH MORE STRICT WITH THE RULES. The last few entries were not following the rules, but since I know them, I let them slide, but really... after today, I will NOT be accepting those that don't read the rules.

Woot! This clique's going...okay so far! I added 2 new members! >XD I also added 10 new buttons for the Anime Girls! ^_^

Yay! I got 4 new members already! Behold...the power of annoyance! Muahahah! Anywhoo-- added 10 new Jrock buttons. So...if you don't like text links, you the buttons! >XB

Yay!!! The clique officially opened with ZERO sad...;_; LoL. Come on people! Join! Join!...wait-- not yet! Need to put up e-mail form first...aheheheheheh...^^;;