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'Course we need a few rules for this clique...don't worry, the rules aren't THAT HARD!


1.) You MUST be a chicken!

2.) Jump around EXACTLY 22 times!

3.) Then, go to your neighbor's house screaming..."I AM YOUR MASTER/MISTRESS!!!!"

4.) Only do step 5 out of these rules

5.) Keep scrolling down for the real rules

...what was the purpose of that, you ask? Well-- I wanted to know if you people really read the rules or just skim through them and join. Ahhh, no. I'm not strict. Slightly demented, yes...but not strict. Read the following for the real rules

1.) You must have a fetish

2.) Maximum of 2 fetishes per person

3.) Please have a valid e-mail up. I don't like those..."mailer demon" things

4.) You DON'T need to have a site, but if you do, please put up a code to link back here

5.) Fill out ALL of the fields for the joining form

6.) For the question "hair?".....type "goldenboy!!!"

7.) Not a rule, but your friends this clique, eh?

finished reading the rules? join!

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